What Is BBL Hero Full Body?

BBL (BroadBand Light) is a special light source approved by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for rejuvenation of skin and gene expression. BBL Hero Full Body uses 420 to 1400 nm light to treat acne, freckles, rosacea, and deeper skin spots.

It can be applied to people of all ages, and results can be yielded in a short span of time with the BBL Hero technology. The BBL Hero Full Body technology can be applied to all parts of the body including the neck, chest, arms, back and legs. It is a painless procedure that does not require anesthesia and has long lasting effects.

How Is BBL Hero Carried Out?

During the consultation, patient’s skin type and problems are analyzed. Afterwards; age, skin type, and the procedure to be carried out are selected on the device.

BBL Hero Full Body contains programs specific to many skin types and problems and suggests the most suitable program for the selected procedure.

It is important to synchronize the device with the appropriate patient information and carry out the procedure carefully. These safety steps minimize risk and prevent scars, spots, and the overheating of skin.

What Can BBL Hero Be Used For?

  • Removing fine wrinkles,
  • Rejuvenating the skin,
  • Eliminating scars, acne scars, and pockmarks,
  • Treating burn marks,
  • Eliminating pregnancy stretch marks,
  • Treating capillaries,
  • Removing dark spots on the skin,
  • Minimizing pores,
  • Tightening the skin on neck and chest,
  • Restoring firmness on parts of the body with sagging and structural loss.

Who Cannot Get the BBL Hero Procedure?

  • Those who have been sunbathing in the 4-6 weeks prior to treatment,
  • Those who use sunbeds,
  • Pregnant individuals,
  • Those on blood thinners,
  • Those with hypersensitivity to the frequency of the light beam used,
  • Those with active infection or inflammation of the skin.

How Many Sessions Does a Full Body Treatment with BBL Hero Take?

The number of BBL Hero Full Body sessions varies between 2-6 sessions on average. As with every procedure, the number of sessions needed is determined by the doctor depending on the treatment. Applications can usually be carried out once every 4 weeks.

Does BBL Full Body Treatment Affect Social Life?

As with other procedures, mild redness is expected in the treatment area after the application. Depending on the energy used, it might take 2 to 6 hours for the redness to resolve. This does not result in a condition that might be permanent or cause other side effects. Individuals can resume their daily activities after the procedure.

How Long Does BBL Hero Full Body Treatment Last?

A prediction of how long the results will last can be made by the doctor during the consultation. As this process may vary among individuals depending on the skin structure and condition, diet, and lifestyle. This duration increases proportionally with the number of sessions.

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