What Are Chin Fillers?

The scientific and technological developments experienced in the field of medicine have brought with them many innovations in non-surgical esthetic applications. Among these innovations, dermal filler products have become prominent in recent years. Jaw esthetics especially with chin filler has become one of the most preferred methods in recent years.

Our jaw shape is compatible with our face and strong jawline helps to make the facial ratios look more balanced. The indistinct jawline may disturb the shape of the face, problems of asymmetry or lack of volume may impair the structural, and esthetic integrity of the face.

In face esthetics, each region should be proportional. When the problems in the ratios of the chin are corrected, the results can be very impressive.

With injections of fillers, a prominent jaw line can be provided, and the contours of your face and chin are significantly corrected and you can have an esthetic jaw structure.

What Are the Main Application Areas of Chin Fillers?

  • Correction of shape of the jaw,
  • Clarification of the jaw line,
  • Extension of the jaw,
  • Enhancement of the chin,
  • Correction of asymmetry problems in the jaw,
  • Compensation of tissue loss in the jaw.

How to Apply the Chin Filler?

As in all filler applications, since there is almost no risk of allergy, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are used to eliminate facial volume deficiencies and wrinkles.

Prior to the procedure, the problem in the jaw is evaluated so as to ensure the correct ratio between facial shape and lines of the person in order to localize the application areas of filling materials.

After application of anesthetic cream to the injection site, hyaluronic acid containing filling material is applied by means of microinjectors or cannulas.

What Should Be Considered After Application?

After completion of the procedure within about 30 minutes, the person can continue his / her normal daily life with ease.

As with other filler applications, temporary and short-term mild redness, swelling and bruising may be seen on the injection sites. The effects of the application manifest 2 to 3 days after the procedure. It is recommended to avoid hot bath, sauna and Turkish bath for one to 2 days after the procedure.

How Long Do the Favorable Effects of the Chin Filler Persist?

The chin filler, which is usually applied as a single session, ensures a permanency between 12 and 18 months.

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