What Are Collagen-Stimulating Injections?

Collagen is a protein found in the skin that improves skin texture and appearance. It is the fundamental building block that provides strength and flexibility to the skin. Collagen-stimulating injections provide radiance and elasticity to the skin while reducing wrinkles and inducing skin regeneration.

When the injection is administered subcutaneously, fibroblasts are stimulated, triggering the production of new collagen. Stimulation of fibroblasts also increases the production of hyaluronic acid. In short, the skin and the structures beneath the skin are regenerated and given back its natural appearance.

It is an extremely effective method to reduce the signs of aging. The advantages of this injection are its long-lasting effects, and its safe use and outcomes.

How Is It Administered?

The collagen-stimulating injection is in liquid form and is applied to clean skin at 1 to 3 cm distances using fine and short needles. It is a safe method with no side effects.

What Is It Used For?

  • Repairing and regenerating the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body,
  • Increasing skin elasticity,
  • Reducing wrinkles,
  • Reducing acne and scars,
  • Restoring the natural beauty of the skin,
  • Tightening the skin of stomach and hips,
  • Tightening the skin of upper arms and thighs,
  • Regenerating dermis and the connective tissue.

Who Should Not Get the Injections?

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals,
  • Those with autoimmune disease,
  • Those with diabetes,
  • Those with skin inflammation,
  • Cancer patients,
  • Those currently getting laser treatment,
  • Those who have chemical peels.

When Are the Results Yielded?

Results become visible in 7 to 14 days. In order to yield fully effective results, 3 to 4 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks are recommended. This way, the change in the elasticity and density of the skin becomes more apparent. The full effect of the treatment is yielded within 1 month after the completion of the sessions.

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