What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, also known as Cold Lipolysis, is a method of aesthetic medicine that freezes and breaks up fat tissue. The CoolSculpting application creates effective results in a short time. Its effectiveness has been approved by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It works on the basis of exposing the tissue to -6°C temperatures for 1 hour while suctioning the tissue with the help of a probe and vacuum. After the CoolSculpting application, the nutrition networks of the fat tissues are disrupted and they are eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

How Is CoolSculpting Applied?

During the consultation process, the treatment area or areas are determined by the dermatologist and these areas are covered with a special protective material to protect your skin.

The probe of the device is placed in the predetermined area and the appropriate site is vacuumed into the chamber of the probe. During the treatment, CoolSculpting cools the area where the fat layer is located in a controlled manner and initiates structural changes in the fat cells by cooling them with cryolipolysis technology.

Although the duration of CoolSculpting application varies according to the region and the diameter of the application probe, each session lasts 30 to 60 minutes on average and a single session application is usually sufficient. This process, in which fat cells are cooled with cold lipolysis technology, is painless.

How Does CoolSculpting Remove Fat?

1. It targets fat (adipose) cells and cools them to a temperature where they are frozen and destroyed.
2. It protects the skin and surrounding tissue while destroying the adipose tissue by cooling it in a controlled manner.
3. Following the treatment, the fat cells disappear over time.
4. Fat cells are eliminated from the body by the digestive system.

What Is the Difference Between CoolSculpting and Other Targeted Fat Loss Procedures?

Data obtained in clinical studies show there were fewer fat cells in the treatment area after CoolSculpting application. It provides a 20% to 30% reduction in fat cells. As it does not reduce the fat mass in the treatment areas to zero, it does not create pits or a bumpy result. It is a very safe and comfortable application.

Who Can Get CoolSculpting?

It can be applied to anyone over the age of 15 who has problems with localized fat accumulation, who does not wish to undergo a surgical operation, who cannot get results from exercise and diet, and who wants to accelerate the results of these applications.

Who Cannot Get CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting can be applied to everyone, regardless of gender, except for pregnant individuals and those who have hypersensitivity to cold.

Which Parts of the Body Can CoolSculpting Be Applied To?

  • Lower and upper abdomen,
  • Arms,
  • Back,
  • Inner and outer legs,
  • Hips,
  • Love handles (muffin tops),
  • Under the buttocks,
  • Anterior and posterior knee.

In short, CoolSculpting can be applied in all body areas where it is possible to pinch the fat tissue.

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