What Is Eyelit?

Bruises can occur under the eyes for many reasons. Some are structural, some develop due to pigmentation in the skin, while others occur due to genetic reasons. Genetic under-eye bruise is defined as the accumulation of blood in the veins due to the slow functioning of the capillaries formed in that area.

Eyelit treatment, which offers a solution for under-eye circles and is applied to those with under-eye circles caused by genetics, is based on increasing the oxygen supply in that area by administering medical carbon dioxide. Thus, the circulation of the blood accumulated in the veins is accelerated and an improvement in the area and lightening of the skin tone occur.

With the Eyelit treatment, new capillaries are formed in the under eye area. The average time it takes for the new capillaries to form is 21 days. About 1 month after the first session, results can be observed much more clearly. It is a suitable treatment for people who do not wish to undergo anesthesia administration or surgery.

Eyelit treatment can also be used safely in the treatment of problems such as cellulite, localized fat accumulation, stretch marks, and scars. Due to the pressure created by the carbon dioxide administered under the skin, the adipose tissue weakens, the number of fat cells decreases and the skin stretches.

How Is the Eyelit Procedure Carried Out?

Medical carbon dioxide is administered to the area around the eyes. A small amount of carbon dioxide is injected into the area at low pressures to ensure safety. In this way, new capillary formation is triggered, collagen formation is stimulated and circulation in the area is accelerated.

What Are the Purposes of Eyelit Application?

  • Removing hereditary and acquired dark circles,
  • Supporting under-eye circle removal.
  • Supporting the pigmentation-reduction in the skin under the eye.
  • Reducing cellulite and localized fat accumulation.
  • Treating stretch marks, burns and scars.
  • Removing excess tissue on the jowl.

What Are the Advantages of Eyelit?

  • It increases skin elasticity.
  • It triggers the new collagen production.
  • It accelerates blood circulation.
  • No pain is felt during the procedure.
  • It is a non-surgical procedure.

Who Can Get It?

It is suitable for people with pronounced dark circles under the eyes. These darkening tend to become more pronounced especially in people with a thin skin structure. However, if the cause of the dark circles is the under-eye pits or the hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eye, Eyelit treatment alone may not be enough. In this case, it can be applied in combination with other treatments.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

The number of sessions required for Eyelit application varies depending on the person and their needs. As in every procedure, the number of sessions needed is determined by the doctor depending on the treatment.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The results last for approximately 2 years, but this duration may vary depending on the complaints, skin structure, nutrition and lifestyle of each patient.

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