What Is a Facelift?

In the simplest terms, a traditional facelift is the surgical tightening of the middle and lower parts of the face. These parts include the area between the lower part of the cheeks and the chin, as well as the neck.

In facelift operations, the skin is pulled towards the scalp and in front of the ear and the excess tissues are cut off. If necessary, excess fat is also removed. Facelift operations remove wrinkles in the cheeks and tighten the skin around the jaw and neck.

Neck lifts tighten and improve the sagging neck muscles; and improve the overall appearance of the area.


During this procedure, excess fat under the jaw is also removed and repositioned. Therefore, it is very important to perform neck lift surgery correctly. Otherwise, if the neck strap is too tight or lifted excessively, it may make your neck feel uncomfortable or appear asymmetrical when compared to your face.

Who Can Get Face and Neck Lifts?

For surgical procedures such as this one, firstly a doctor consultation should be carried out. The severity and number of health problems may be an obstacle to performing these operations. Smoking increases the risk of surgical complications because wounds heal more slowly in smokers.

In general, those who have the following complaints may be suitable for these operations:

  • Those with wrinkles or sagging on their cheeks,
  • Those with excess skin or fat on their jawline,
  • Those with loose skin around the neck.


Mini face lift or mini neck lift surgeries are a minor or more limited version of a full face or neck lift. In mini face and neck lift surgery, less skin is used to stretch the cheeks and neck. It is suitable for people who have a small amount of sagging skin and want a little more than the effects of fillers. These are procedures that can be performed in the earlier stages of aging.

What Are the Risks and Complications?

Face and neck lift operations may have some risks and complications. Some of these can be managed with appropriate medical care, medication, or surgical intervention. Although long-term or permanent complications are rare, they can cause significant changes in appearance.

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