What Is Lipocel-Cool Sonic?

Lipocel, one of the aesthetic trends of recent times, is a targeted thinning application in which high-intensity ultrasound is used. This cooling focused ultrasound technique takes about 30 minutes and provides slimming equal to one size in body measurements in one session.

It helps to break down the fat in areas where thinning cannot be achieved and exercises do not work. Lipocel application, which is applied without surgical interventions, affects the subcutaneous fat tissue with high energy density and destroys these tissues by breaking them down. Basically, it is one of the few treatment methods that directly targets the adipose tissue.

How Is the Procedure Carried Out?

Your suitability for lipocel treatment is evaluated by a dermatologist. Firstly, it is checked whether the body mass index is appropriate. To apply this technique, the fat tissue thickness must be 1 cm.

Which Parts of the Body Can It Be Applied To?

  • Abdomen,
  • Waist,
  • Hips,
  • Arms,
  • Other areas with at least 1 cm of fat tissue under the skin.

Who Can Get It?

It is suitable for people who are unhappy with their regional fat.

Who Cannot Get It?

  • People with a body mass index higher than 30,
  • Pregnant individuals and those who may be pregnant,
  • Those using blood thinners,
  • People who have loose tissue due to weight loss,
  • Those who have burns and scars.

When Can the Results Be Yielded?

Within a week after the application of Lipocel, the waste materials of the destroyed subdermal fat cells begin to be eliminated. The first improvements are seen in the 2nd to 3rd week. Visible improvement occurs within one to three months. After the follow-up examination, which is usually carried out one month after the procedure, a second session can be applied if necessary.

What Measures Should Be Taken After the Procedure?

After the treatment, temporary swelling and redness may be seen in the application area. Some exercises may be recommended by the dermatologist after the treatment. Better results can be obtained from the treatment with these exercises. After the swelling has subsided, the effects of the treatment can be observed more clearly.

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