What Is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy, also called breast lift surgery, is a surgical procedure applied to correct sagging caused by various reasons. During the lifting process, excess skin in the breast is removed and the breast tissue is reshaped to lift the breasts.

Mastopexy (breast lift surgery) does not significantly change the size of the breast, but corrects the shape and the degree of sagging of the breast. It can also be performed together with breast augmentation or reduction surgeries

How Is Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery) Carried Out?

Although Mastopexy (breast lift surgery) is mostly applied for cosmetic reasons, the suitability of the individual for this operation is decided by the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

During the pre-operative consultation process, the breast is examined by the plastic surgeon. At this point, it is very important to clearly express the complaints. In operations performed under general anesthesia, steps of the appropriate method are followed.

Dissolving sutures are used in breast lift surgery. For this reason, there is no need to remove the sutures. But as in any surgical operation, a scar will remain. Incisions can be made with several methods in breast lift operations. The method of the operation depends on the body structure of the person.

What Are the Purposes of Mastopexy?

Breast lift surgery can be preferred in the case of certain changes in the body due to aging. Reasons for these changes include:

  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the tissues that support the breasts may stretch as the breasts become fuller and heavier. As a result of this stretching and the loosening of the mammary ligaments, sagging is usually observed in the breasts after pregnancy. In addition, a prolonged breastfeeding period may increase the degree of sagging.
  • Rapid weight loss,
  • Gravity.

Who Cannot Get It?

Breast lift surgery is not suitable for everyone.

Those who are considering having a child at any point in their life should not opt for breast lift surgery because stretching in the breasts during pregnancy may deteriorate the results of the operation.

In addition, although it is possible to breastfeed after the breast lift operation, some people with excessive sagging of the breasts may have difficulties producing sufficient amounts of milk after the operation.

What Measures Should Be Taken After Mastopexy?

  • Dissolving sutures are used during the operation. These stitches may come out after a while, which is expected. Please inform your doctor if this occurs.
  • After the operation, 100% symmetry cannot be expected between the two breasts. 100% symmetrical breasts do not constitute a natural appearance.
  • The results of Mastopexy are usually permanent. However, the shape and size of the breast may change over time depending on conditions such as aging or weight gain or loss.

Edema: It decreases by 80% in the first month after the operation, it is expected to completely resolve between 6 to 12 months. Bruises may persist for up to 2 weeks.

Stitches: Dissolving stitches are used which do not require removing.

Stitch Marks: They will remain red for a month after the operation, after which the color will fade.

Showering: Showering can be resumed 3 days after the operation.

Exercise and Physical Activity: They can be resumed 1 month after the operation.

Sexual Activity: It is not recommended for the first 4 weeks after the operation.

Alcohol Use: Alcohol should not be consumed for the first 10 days after the operation.

Yielding the Final Results: 80% improvement occurs at the end of the first month. Full recovery is expected within 6 to 12 months.

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