What Is Skin Dehydration?

Due to the effects of the aging process and environmental factors, our skin dehydrates over time. Consequently, the skin looks dry and dull. Nowadays, there are many skin rejuvenation options available to restore the lost hydration of the skin, reduce wrinkles, and help reconstruct the skin by repairing its protective layer.

Among the skin rejuvenation methods, mesotherapy which has long been used, stands out as one of the most preferred treatments. Mesotherapy rehydrates your skin while nourishing it.

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the injection of a special solution made up of substances that play an active role in cell metabolism such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid into the skin and sometimes subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The most important feature of this method is that the solution injected subcutaneously is specially prepared to serve to the needs of the person. As the daily-use lotions or serums applied to the skin cannot adequately penetrate the lower layers, the skin cannot receive the support it needs. Using a tailor-made solution ensures that the skin is given the exact substances it needs.

In mesolifting, proper therapeutic substances are administered directly to the problem area in the required amount, nourishing your skin from the inside.

How Is the Procedure Carried Out?

Before starting the procedure, anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area. Then, the solution prepared specially prepared to serve the needs of each patient is injected subcutaneously using very fine needles.

Which Parts of the Body Can Mesotherapy Be Applied To?

  • Face,
  • Neck,
  • Décolletage,
  • Hands,
  • Scalp,
  • Arms and legs.

What Is Mesotherapy Used For?

  • Reducing the signs of aging on the skin to achieve a fresh and radiant appearance,
  • Hydrating the skin,
  • Tightening the skin by creating a lifting effect,
  • Achieving a young, radiant and healthy skin appearance,
  • Reducing dark spots on the skin,
  • Treating cellulitis,
  • Targeted fat reduction,
  • Hair treatments.

Hair Mesotherapy in Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment

The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition that happens with aging. It is called Androgenic Alopecia, and also known as male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is a near painless treatment that has been shown to treat Alopecia patients, with little to no complaint about the pain of treatment. By the help of superfine needles, essential vitamins and medicines are delivered directly into the scalp to stimulate the regrowth of hair.

Hair Mesotherapy;

  • Slows down hair loss and gradually stops it.
  • Improves blood circulation on the scalp.
  • Stimulates hair follicles to create strong hair shafts.
  • Regenerates the roots of hair that are inactive under the skin.
  • Decreases excess DHT (primary hormone responsible for male pattern baldness).
  • Corrects hormone imbalances.
  • Revitalizes hair follicles by regenerating hair cells.
  • Stimulates the production of collagen.
  • Encourages new hair growth.

Other causes of hair loss in both males and females can be listed as an imbalance of hormones around the hair follicle, lack of proper nutrients, and reduced blood circulation to the scalp.

To stimulate these hair follicles again, a customized mesotherapy solution contains a combination of chemicals, vitamins, nucleic acids, and coenzymes, depending on the patient’s unique requirements, injected into the scalp.

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